Basement Finishing

We Offer Affordable Basement Refinishing Services in Michigan

Basement Refinishing Services Michigan - Finished Flooring - Now Dry - basement1As experienced contractors, we can put the finishing touches on your basement to transform it into usable space.

Now that your basement is waterproofed and guaranteed to stay dry, why not have us refinish the walls, install ceiling tiles and put in flooring so you can get more use from it?

Professional Finished Ceiling Installation for Your Basement

If you’re thinking of finishing your basement as an extension to your home, that last thing you want to do is look up and see exposed rafters. After we waterproof your basement and add beautiful white-panel walls, why not top it off with a new drop ceiling? When it comes to turning your basement from a storage area to a comfortable, warm, happy, and cozy living space, ceiling tile helps buffer the sound and it keeps heat from escaping upward into the next level of your home. Now Dry is happy to provide a quote for this additional service.

Finished Flooring for Your Basement

Now that your basement is protected from flooding, you can safely install the flooring of your choice. Cement floors were fine when your basement was just used for storage and laundry. Now that you're considering a new play area for the kids, an entertainment area for guests, or possibly an exercise room, you'll need flooring that complements your planned used for this space. Whether you prefer carpeting, wood or rubber tiles, we are happy to add new flooring to your total basement remodeling package.

Turn Your Wet Basement into a Functional Space

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