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Basement Waterproofing Systems Michigan - Drain Tile Installation Fenton - concreteWe Use Proven Techniques and Modern Waterproofing Technologies to Stop Leaks for Good

Are you looking for a trustworthy basement waterproofing contractor in Michigan? The team at Now Dry has the contractors you're looking for that can identify the actual cause of the water leaks in your basement and have the experience to provide a solution guaranteed to stop the leak.

As the foundation to your home, you need a professional who specializes in basement leak repair and waterproofing systems so your basement walls and flooring remain structurally sound - ensuring water doesn't come back. At Now Dry, our waterproofing technicians have been providing homeowners with the answers they need about the source of the water in their basement and how to stop it.  

We provide lifetime guarantees for all of our waterproofing systems and services.

Guaranteed Results with Interior and Exterior Drain Tile Installation

Michigan basement water problems usually can’t be solved with DIY products from big box stores. Depending on how old your home is, it might not have a drainage system installed to keep underground water and runoff from seeping into your basement or crawlspace. The Now Dry certified waterproofing contractors provide drain tile installation services as a part of an entire basement waterproofing system. They will provide a free assessment of the conditions of your basement or crawlspace as well as the property around your home to determine the root cause of your flooding before a solution is recommended.

Indications your home may need a professional drain tile installation:

  • Basement flooding
  • Leaking walls
  • Foundation cracks
  • Water seeping through basement floors
  • Basement window and footing leaks
  • Standing water in basement
  • Seasonal water in basement

Many of our high-tech waterproofing solutions and products can be installed quickly and with very little inconvenience to your family. We ensure that our drain tile pipes meet requirements for durability, safety, and thermal performance at all times. We do not encourage home owners to do the installation work on their own – this is a dangerous task and includes a lot of nuances and engineered safety that only our experienced team can do.

Sump Pump Installation

Sump pump systems are typically installed in basements built on properties where the water table is above the foundation of a home and basement flooding happens regularly. If your basement floods after heavy rains, during spring when the snow melts, or anytime in between, call Now Dry to see if you need a sump pump installed as part of your basement waterproofing solution. Many plumbers offer to install sump pumps, but due to the engineering involved in moving water away from your foundation, sump pumps should be installed by a trusted waterproofing company. As Michigan's top-rated waterproofing company, we will provide an honest assessment of your basement leak and help determine if a sump pump is a necessary component to keep your basement dry. 

Never Worry About Basement Leaks Again

We'll provide a proven solution and a Lifetime Guarantee!

Tired of dealing with a wet basement? Call Now Dry! We provide free estimates for professional installation of waterproofing systems for Michigan homeowners in Fenton, Berkley, Ferndale, Royal Oak, Birmingham, and surrounding areas.

…Steve promised to be hands-on and indeed he was. The crew arrived each day at 8 AM as promised despite coming from an hour away and they all worked hard, were friendly and efficient. More than six months have now passed and we have not had even a drop of water in the basement despite a torrential rainstorm after a heavy snow just last week.
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