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Protect Your Basement From Heavy Rains
Sump Pump Contractor Fenton MI Now Dry

Professional Sump Pump Services in Southeast Michigan

Don't let a heavy rainstorm jeopardize your basement! If you live in an area near Fenton, MI prone to flooding or just want to be safe from the effects of heavy rainfall, Now Dry can help. Our sump pump experts are experienced at installing sump pumps that help protect against water damage and other problems caused by flooding, so you can rest easy knowing that your home is safe and sound. Now Dry experts will assess whether or not a sump pump would suit your situation so that we can recommend the best solution for your needs. Our waterproofing specialists will install the system with care and maintain a commitment to providing our customers with the best products and services they deserve.

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We’re Ready to Get Your Basement Back to Normal

Our waterproofing specialists are here to repair your leaking basement and stabilize your foundation, whether for an older property, poured concrete, cinder block or fieldstone basements.

Sump Pump Company Fenton MI Now Dry

Let the Experts Take Care of Your Sump Pump Needs

Your Basement's Best Defense Against Flooding

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Basement Waterproofing Process

Basement Waterproofing

When you work with us, you get high-quality products backed by honest advice from experienced professionals who know what they're doing.

Drain Tile Systems

Now Dry’s mission is to help our customers by providing the most reliable drain tile systems.

Cracked Basement Walls

If you're battling flooding in your basement and want to learn about saving money with a powerful and effective sump pump, call us now!

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With our revolutionary technology, you can count on us to keep your basement dry—and to help you avoid costly repairs down the line.

Have Questions? Check out Our Foundation Repair FAQs.

Here To Help Get Your Basement Dry and Back In Order

If you want peace of mind regarding your home’s foundation or basement waterproofing needs, fill out the form below or call us at (855) 669-3791

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