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We've got tips for having the best basement waterproofing!

5 Tips to Maintain Your Basement Waterproofing System

Subject to the whims of weather and time, every basement can fall victim to the relentless moisture invasion. Even the most well-built homes can succumb to this silent perpetrator, leading to a damp and musty basement that feels more like a subterranean swamp than part of a home. 

At Now Dry in Fenton, MI, we believe every homeowner deserves a dry, welcoming, and functional basement, no matter the season. Understanding the cause of wet basements and how to maintain a robust waterproofing system can transform your basement into a dry, comfortable living space for years.

Top 4 Reasons for Water in Your Basement

Diagnosing the underlying problem is the first step toward a successful waterproofing solution. Here are common causes of basement water problems:

Cracks in the Foundation Walls

Tiny fractures in your foundation due to external stressors, such as settling, hydrostatic pressure, or freeze/thaw cycles, can allow water to permeate. As the cracks widen, the problem escalates.

Poor Drainage During Heavy Rain

Improper drainage causes water accumulation near your foundation, leading to seepage. Downspouts dumping water directly next to the house or poor lawn grading that slopes toward the foundation are usually responsible.

High Water Table

A high groundwater level around your home exerts outward pressure (hydrostatic pressure) on your foundation, pushing water through any cracks and crevices.

Leaking & Burst Pipes

Overlooked cracks or loose fittings in pipes can lead to significant water damage over time. Minor leakage or condensation often goes unnoticed until the problem escalates.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Basement Waterproofing System

After addressing these root causes, installing a waterproofing system is your next defense against a wet basement. However, investing in a system isn't enough. Regular maintenance is critical to keep your waterproofing system functioning. Here are some tips:

Routine Inspection

Schedule bi-annual inspections to identify and fix potential problems early. Issues to look for include new cracks, sealant failures, leaks around penetrations, clogged drains, or sump pump failures.

Clear All Drains

Regularly clean window well drains, footer drains, downspouts, and gutters. Blockages can lead to water back-up and potential flooding.

Reapply Sealants & Coatings

Most waterproofing materials last 3-5 years before they require re-application. Routinely check for signs of wear like cracking or peeling and promptly recoat those areas.

Service Your Sump Pump Annually

Ensure that your pump (and backup unit, if available) plus battery are in optimal working condition. Regularly test the pump's operation to ensure it turns on at the correct water levels.

Resolve Exterior Drainage Issues

Enhancing outdoor drainage and steering water away from the base of your house is critical in preventing long-term basement flooding.

Understand the Perks of Basement Waterproofing

Working with Now Dry's basement waterproofing specialists in Fenton, MI, brings advantages beyond simple water protection. Our team of basement waterproofing specialists brings a deep understanding of the unique challenges of local soil conditions and climate. With their extensive knowledge, they diagnose the root causes of your basement water problem, be it cracks in the foundation, poor drainage, high water table, or leaking pipes. Besides laying out sound, customized waterproofing solutions to safeguard your home, they educate homeowners, providing rich insights into understanding the problem and preventive measures.

What sets Now Dry apart is our customer-focused approach. We don't just install a waterproofing system and leave you to it. We're there for you long after the job is done, assisting with regular maintenance check-ups on your sump pump and ensuring your waterproofing system keeps your basement dry for years.

Working With Now Dry’s Team of Waterproofing Specialists:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Licensed and Fully Insured
  • Quality Crews
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Reliable Solutions
  • Seamless Support

Investing a little effort in regular inspection and maintenance can reward you with a basement waterproofing system that keeps your home dry and comfortable for years. Immediate responses to identified problems can also save costly repairs due to significant water damage.

At Now Dry in Fenton, MI, we're committed to offering effective basement waterproofing solutions. Reach out today at (855) 669-3791, and let's work together to keep your basement dry and protected for the long haul.