What Are The Benefits Of Waterproofing My Basement?

Many years ago, some people built their homes over the cellar and space was basically used for storage of root vegetables. However, long gone are the dark and musty places associated with this area. These days, people have altered the lowest part of their homes to create extra living spots in the forms of media centers with surround sound, game rooms with ping-pong and pool tables as well as bedrooms.

Having your basement waterproof will keep you comfortable and your furnishings free from potential contamination. 

Advantages of waterproofing your basement -

  •  No dampness: Having moisture build-up from the floor and on the interior walls of your basement makes a great breeding ground for mold. As you might have heard, mold is dangerous to your health and can be expensive to remove if left unchecked.
  •  Items are unaffected: Running in the same vein as the previous statement about mold, the articles you have placed or stored in your basement can become ruined by a damp atmosphere. When your basement impervious to water, you can feel secure in knowing everything will look as well as smell the same as when you got them. 
  • Appreciation: Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. By having your lower level waterproof, it will increase the value of your residence and if you ever intend to sell, it will make it more alluring to the purchaser.
  • Efficiency: Since perpetual water causes damage, including cracks and swelling, this can lead to unwanted air permeating the area. This will result in the wasted cost of heating and cooling in your house. Sealing exposed cracks produced by water will assist in helping to reduce energy lost, adding to your bottom line.

As you can see, it is a good idea to waterproof your home, as it will help you to save money, maintain your health as well as contribute to your peace of mind.

If you need a basement waterproofing contractor or need a foundation repair, contact the team at Now Dry today.

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